Body and liner materials.
The Kenway model KLSGB Bulls Eye sight glasses are Made from Carbon Steel API 5L Grade B and lined with 3 to 5 mm of high grade PFA.
The liner is locked to the body via dovetail grooves to ensure positive retention of the liner under vacuum service. The liner is fully compatible with virgin PTFE lined piping and is suitable for an extremely wide range of industrial fluids at temperatures of up to
200 C. Flange dimensions are as per ANSI B16.5 and DIN 3202/F1.
The KLSGB sight glasses with highly corrosive resistant materials are intended for use with highly aggressive, toxic and corrosive media. There rugged and solid design makes them particularly suitable for severe conditions encountered in chemical processing and in applications where highest purity must be assured.
The KLSGB as an integral drip lip, which indicates even minute flows through the sight glass.

Safety Glass.
Borosilicate glass is utilized to withstand high temperatures, mechanical stress and corrosion.